About Us

Vivo Art Studio is an artist’s workroom and art learning loft that was created by European artist in the city of Palm Coast, FL. The studio’s purpose is to create and to teach all kinds of art, including painting, drawing, sketching, perspective, color theory, compositions, sculpture and digital art (photography). The studio offers workshops, private and group art lessons for kids and adults on Tuesdays and Wednesday.

Who We Are

Vivo Art Studio is devoted to providing art opportunities for kids and adults in the city of Palm Coast, Florida. We support and welcome all beginners and experienced artists in every medium, while promoting cultural growth and diversity of all art forms in the community.

Art lessons for kids and adults in Vivo Art Studio Palm Coast, FL

Art Classes & Courses

Art “Lessons” in a group are available for students starting at 5 years old. Pricing for art lessons varies between $35 – $60 per 1 hour session. Artists will experience watercolor, acrylic, and tempera media, as well as pastel pencils and charcoal. The lessons include the principles of composition, human anatomy (adult art lessons only) and color theory.

Art “Courses” in a group (for 2 or more people) are available for students starting at 6 years old. We offer several painting and drawing courses, with a duration of 4 weeks (total 4 hour course). Please note that the student is committed to attend each class. Pricing for art courses varies between $250 – $350 per 4 week session. Artists will experience and learn about the specific art theme of their choosing (options include sketching, figure drawing, principles of composition, pastel art, color study, oil or acrylic painting, color combination and more).

We customize art courses based on student requests as well as age and art skills. The Art Course option is a great choice for families looking for private art lessons.

Pottery & Sculpture Lessons

Our pottery and sculpture classes for adults and children are offered on Wednesdays.

Please the class schedule for more information and contact us for space availability.

Sketching & Composition

Drawing, sketching and composition are basic skills in art. Our studio offers sketching and composition practices for adults and children in a class.

To master our student’s drawing and sketching techniques we use pencils (H, B, HB, H1,2,3…etc., B1, 2,3,..etc.), charcoal (black, white and brown), ink (black and color variety) and soft pastel pencils.

How We Teach

Our classes provide an open environment for students to work on their own art while the instructor gives personal, one-on-one guidance in technique, composition and style. Watercolor, Oil (adults lessons only), and Acrylic techniques and compositions are taught with emphasis on developing skills and pursuing an imaginative and personal approach. Art lessons and art courses are available in English, Spanish and Russian.

Join Us!

Art lessons are available for kids and adults and pricing can vary between $35 – $70 per hour, depending on which media you choose (all art materials are included). Students have an opportunity to experience watercolor, acrylic, oil, and tempera media, as well as pastel pencils and charcoal. During art lessons students learn basic principles and are introduced to color theory and art history.

We offer a variety of art courses including drawing, acrylic, oil, pastel and watercolor. Please contact us for course availability.

How to Enroll?

We offers two ways to enroll.

1. Fill out our enrollment form via our website.

2. Stop by the studio in person (please make sure to contact us before and make an appointment).

Art Studio offers art lessons and Fluid Art Workshops for kids and adults

Our Happy Place!


Please note that art lesson payment is collected upon the student’s arrival at the studio. Initial sign up requires advance payment covering four (4) x 1 hour art lessons. Although payments are non-refundable, you can reschedule a missed class provided that you call, text or e-mail us at least 24 hours before your art lesson.

The initial sign up requires full payment for the art course, and the student is committed to attend each class as scheduled during the course. Art courses cannot be rescheduled in case of an absence. (Students who are taking art courses on an individual basis are exempt from this policy.)

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Art lessons in groups for kids and adults

Our Philosophy

Every person is unique. Every person can create. Everyone is talented.

How We Teach

Individual approach. Rules, discipline and respect. Freedom to create!

Art Materials & Supplies We Use

We use several Semi-Pro and Pro art supplies and materials. Basic brands for beginners like Art Time, Artist’s Loft and Master’s Touch are widely used during our children art lessons. These basic brands are great way to introduce children to art materials and to start their adventure in art. For kids that are older we use “level up” paint materials like Master’s Touch Pro .

During adult art lessons we use professional art supplies and materials from Europe and USA. Well known brands like Windsor & Newton and Arches are excellent!

Art lessons for kids and adults in Vivo Art Studio Palm Coast, FL


Pottery Lessons

Pottery & Sculpture

Our pottery art classes are designed for children ages 5 – 17 years old. Little artists will explore many aspects of pottery making using clay.  The students will use a simple manual pottery wheel, hand-build pottery technique, and create sculptures using white, grey or terra-cotta (brown) clay material.

Join our pottery classes and learn how to create your own art pieces, which can be both fun and challenging. Children will learn how to create forms on the wheel as well as hand-build pottery. Students will work with clay in its different stages and learn the process of painting their own piece.

Vivo Art Studio offers pottery and sculpture classes for most ages and skill levels.

Pottery & Sculpture Supplies

During our classes we use a combination of plastic and wooden clay tools. Our students will experience working with a manual and electrical pottery wheel.


Phone: (386) 338-1408 | Email: vivoartstudio@yahoo.com

Meet Us

We are located at 29 Old Kings Road N., (second floor Unit 10-B) Palm Coast FL