Kids Art Lessons

Kids Art Lessons

Kids art lessons in a group are available for children 5 years old – 15 years old with pricing at $155 for 4 (four) hours art lessons and 16 years old – 18 years old with pricing at $165 for 4 (four) hours art lessons. Young artists will experience watercolor, acrylic, and tempera media, as well as pastel pencils and charcoal. Kids art lessons include basic principals and color theory. Kids also receive an introduction to art history.

If a student misses 2 consecutive art classes then we do not guarantee their spot. Please contact us before returning to verify availability.

We teach in English, Spanish and Russian


How We Teach

Individual approach. Rules, discipline and respect. Freedom to create!

Acrylic Art Lessons

Acrylic group art lessons are offered to children starting at 4 years old (please consult with us before enrolling your child in our “Little Artists” art lessons).

Acrylics are a colorful and bright art media which can be applied on acrylic paper or canvas. We use basic or semi-professional acrylic colors in tubes with special synthetic brushes.

At Vivo Art Studio we give attention to children’s art education. It’s important to develop a child’s art vision and skills.

Art lessons in groups for kids and adults

“Little Artists” Art Lessons

Our art lessons and courses are available for little artists as well. We are happy to teach little ones and help them to create and express themselves. Art lessons are available for kids ages 4 – 5 years old. We offer pencil study, watercolor and acrylic. We also include the charcoal and pastel pencils experience. Art lessons for little students are available in groups on Tuesdays from 5pm – 6pm.

Please consult with us before enrolling your child in our “Little Artists” art group.


Painting Lessons

Acrylic color is a “heavy” art media which can be applied on a thick acrylic paper or canvas. We use basic or semi-pro acrylic colors in tubes while teaching children application and mixing techniques. 

Watercolor media is the complete apposite of acrylic media. Watercolors are a soft and almost transparent art media for a single application on watercolor paper.

We create paintings by using soft brushes for watercolor media and synthetic brushes for acrylic colors.


Art Studio offers art lessons and Fluid Art Workshops for kids and adults

Ink Painting

Ink painting is generally a black and white approach to art. However, we do offer our young artists different ink variety so they can also experience and express their emotions in color via art therapy!

Ink art is performed on paper. We use different size synthetic brushes and water to mix the ink.

Pencil Drawing

Drawing is the very first step in art and it’s extremely important. During our art lessons kids start with the basics. One example is learning the correct way of holding a pencil while drawing. 

We also teach different ways of shading and sketching with pencil and charcoal.

Our drawing classes include composition, perspective, object proportions and portrait measurements in art.


Art lessons in groups for kids and adults


Sketching is a fun and fast way of drawing. Our students can experience sketching with pencils or charcoal. A sketch usually takes just a few minutes to complete. A good sketch artist can “share” emotions and movement to the viewer through his or her artwork.

We love sketching!

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor is one of our favorite art medias. Please note that watercolor painting is also one of the most difficult and challenging art medias. We teach dry on dry, wet on dry and semi-dry watercolor approaches.

During a watercolor art lesson our students will use cold press watercolor paper, watercolor brushes and watercolor media in tubes.


Vivo Art Studio provides large variety of art lessons for kids and adults. We teach painting, drawing, fluid art, sketching, composition and color theory.

We Require

All students MUST have excellent discipline during art class. We do not allow running, jumping or leaving the classroom (except for a bathroom break) during an art lesson.

We request that each student be kind and respectful to others. No art critics during an art class. We promote supporting each other by sharing helpful comments to other students in the classroom.

Talking during an art class is allowed as long as the student’s artwork is progressing. No loud conversation is permitted. We want to make sure that each student is able to focus on their artwork. 

Students MUST listen and pay attention to the art teacher’s directions and instructions at all times.


Our Vision

Every child is unique. Every child can create. Every child is talented.

Art Courses

Art courses in a group (2 or more children) are available for kids 6+ years old. We offer several painting and drawing courses, with a duration of 4 weeks (total 4 hour course). Please note that the student is committed to attend each class. Art courses vary between $250 – $350 per 4 week session. The kids will experience and learn about the specific art theme of their choosing (options include sketching, figure drawing, principles of composition, pastel art, color study, color combination and more).


We customize art courses based on your child’s age and art skills. The Art Course option is a great choice for families looking for private art lessons.

We Do

We support all kinds of art media

We promote creativity and supporting all artists

We encourage artists to be inspired by nature 

We promote freedom of expression in art

We encourage all students to ask questions regarding art

… And remember there is no right or wrong in ART!

Art lessons for kids and adults
Art lessons for kids and adults

We Don’t

No electronic devices are permitted during an art lesson (unless used for an art purpose)

No cellphones permitted (unless used to contact a parent)

No running or talking are allowed during an art lesson

No criticism is permitted regarding other students’ artwork 

No mean comments or jokes


Please click here to pay for your art lessons. Although payments are non refundable, you can reschedule a missed art lesson provided that you call, text or e-mail us at least 24 hours before your class.

We are looking forward to create ART together!

Fine Art Lessons We Offer

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Watercolor Painting

Acrylic Painting

Sketching & Drawing

Art Lessons for Little Artists