Fluid Art

Would you like to be able to create art without knowing how to paint or draw? If so, join us for a Fluid Art Workshop! At Vivo Art Studio fluid art painting is a great way to relax and to focus on creating colorful artwork.

Fluid Art is an abstract form of art that uses acrylic paints with a runny or fluid consistency. Different colors of acrylic paint react with each other when mixed together using silicone, and you can create interesting and visually amazing effects. This technique is also called fluid pouring art. Vivo Art Studio offers a Fluid Art Workshop for beginners and also experienced artists. Our pouring art workshop is available for both kids and adults. Read more…

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Please note that payment is collected upon the student’s arrival at the studio. The initial sign up requires advance payment covering four (4) x 1 hour art lessons. Although payments are non refundable, you can reschedule a missed art lesson provided that you call, text or e-mail us at least 24 hours before your class.

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