Fluid Art Workshop

Fluid Art is an abstract form of art that uses acrylic paints with a runny or fluid consistency. A different color acrylic paints react with each other when combined together using silicone to make interesting and visually amazing effects. Another way of calling this technique is a fluid pouring art. Vivo Art Studio offers Fluid Art Workshop for beginner and experienced artists. Our pouring art workshop available for kids and adults.

In this workshop you will learn how to use acrylic media and how to prepare the paint for the fluid art process. Students will experiment with several pouring techniques, colors and materials. Watch the paint and your creativity flow… it’s fun and creative!

Kids Fluid Art Workshop (7+ Years)

1 Hour Fluid Art Workshop in a group $100

Are you looking for something fun, colorful and creative? Come to our studio and learn different acrylic pouring techniques! Have some fun and get inspired watching others creating an amazing art. In this small group workshop, kids will choose their own colors and learn how to apply paint on canvas and wood by getting amazing fluid art effects.

We provide Fluid Art supplies and materials (2 small canvases, 2 wooden coasters or 1 wooden animal cutout, access to all the paint, silicon, pouring materials mixture, tools you need, aprons to use on and gloves, 1 hour group tutoring).


Adults Fluid Art Workshop

1 Hour & 30 minutes Fluid Art Workshop in a group $140 (per person)

1 Hour & 30 minutes Fluid Art Workshop one-to-one starting at $180

Adults all ages are welcome to join us at Vivo Art Studio for a Fluid Art Workshop. Come explore painting without a brush! You will explore and learn a color theory and best color combination as well as a range of colors to create a unique artwork. In Fluid Art Workshop you will learn the techniques used to create an interesting lines and shapes by pouring your acrylic paint onto a canvas or wood. We’ll direct you on what tools to use and ways to apply the media. We know that after a Fluid Art Workshop at Vivo Art Studio you will learn how to recreate this technique at home. Just come for creativity and fun!

Fluid Art supplies and materials are included (2 medium size canvases, 2 wooden coasters, access to all the paint, silicon, pouring materials mixture, tools you need, aprons to use on and gloves, 1 hour 30 minutes group tutoring)


Artwork Pick Up

Please note that due to the Fluid Art painting technique, the artwork will be ready one week (7 – 10 days) after the workshop. Students won’t be able to take their artworks with them on the same day. The artworks will be varnished to protect the art and to give it some shine. 

Materials for Fluid Art


Please note that Fluid Art Workshop payment is collected upon the client’s arrival at the studio. The initial sign up required. Although, payments are non refundable, you can reschedule a missed workshop based on studio schedule.

Fluid Art Wooden Coasters

Fluid Art & Color Theory

Stone Coasters Fluid Art

Pouring Colors