Pottery and Sculpture Classes

Pottery & Sculpture for Kids

Pottery and sculpture classes for children (ages 6 – 16 years old) in a group are available once a week.

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Pottery & Sculpture for Adults

The studio offers pottery workshops and one-to-one pottery classes for adults. We teach beginner and intermedia level artists.

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Pottery for Children

Our pottery art classes are designed for children ages 5 – 16 years old. Artists will explore many aspects of pottery and sculpture making.  The students will use a simple manual pottery wheel, hand-build pottery technique, and create sculptures using white, grey or terra-cotta (brown) clay material.

Our pottery groups have a maximum of 8 students par class. Any student can join a group at anytime. We teach pottery art starting with a very basic skill (how to center your clay). Pottery art helps little artists with a hand-eye coordination, focus and creativity.


Pottery for Adults

Pottery requires a set of skills that most people have never tried… so try it today! Pottery classes at Vivo Art Studio are offered beginners and intermediate artists. We teach from the very beginning (for example: How to throw on a wheel) to a more advanced levels.

We offer private (one-to-one) classes and small groups (2 – 3 people). Please note the we use an air dry clay, meaning we skip a firing process in a kiln.

We teach per request only.