Watercolor Workshop

Watercolor Workshop

Watercolor Painting

The studio offers watercolor workshops for adults and children.

During our watercolor workshop we talk about watercolor brushes, paper (cold & hot press), and other related watercolor media art materials. You’ll experiment and practice different watercolor techniques (wet on wet, semi wet and dry on dry) and color theory (color mixing). The workshop also includes an introduction to perspective, composition and proportions study in art. 


Ladies “Get Together” 2 Hour Painting Class.

Our studio offers “Get Together” painting classes for ladies in Palm Coast, FL. We offer 2 hours fun time painting / drawing for groups of 4 – 10 people. The art media availability: watercolor, acrylic, oil.

Cost: $50 per person for 2 hour fun painting class (all art materials are included).

Please contact us for date & time availability