Painting Workshop March 30, 2024

Painting Workshop

Painting Workshops in Vivo Art Studio

Our Painting Workshops are designed for teens and adults. We offer beginner, intermediate and advance painting (and drawing) workshops for artists. The studio provides all necessary materials and art supplies during 2 hour workshop.

For more information and workshop schedule please visit our News Page. You can reach us directly via email.


About our Workshops

Our Workshops are scheduled on Saturdays from 10am – 12pm (please see News Page for the latest date updates). Please note that our teen & adult workshops are 2 hours long. The workshops for children (7 – 12 years old) are 1 hour long.

During the workshop we teach drawing (perspective, composition, measurements, shading techniques, the difference in materials we use, etc.) and painting (art media techniques, difference in material and art supplies, color composition & theory, Fibonacci in art, etc.).

Workshop Calendar / News Page


Vivo Art Studio

Vivo Art Studio is an artist’s workroom and art learning loft in the city of Palm Coast, FL. The studio’s purpose is to create and to teach all kinds of art, including painting, drawing, sketching, sculpture and digital art (photography). 

Our art studies are available for all ages (staring at 5 years old). We provide deep learning and all aspects of visual and fine art.

The studio offers private (one-to-one) art lessons, group art classes for kids and adults, art courses, workshops and creative art parties for groups.