Sculpture Classes for Kids

Most of our art and clay classes are family-friendly! We offer family workshops and Open Studio art events. For the convince of our students, we have added Wednesday art classes to our schedule. Please always check with our studio before stopping by and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our latest updates.

Sculpture & Clay Classes

Sculpture Classes for Kids (5 – 15 years old) at Vivo Art Studio on Wednesdays from 5pm – 6pm!

Our clay art classes are designed for children ages 5 – 17 years old. Little artists will explore many aspects of clay making.  The students will use a simple manual pottery wheel, hand-build pottery technique, and create sculptures using white, grey or terra-cotta (brown) clay material.

The lessons priced at $150 (cash or check) for 4 (four) hours clay lessons

The lessons priced $160 if pay online

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Join Us for Sculpture Clay Art Classes!

The students will learn different sculpting techniques and how to use acrylic colors to paint their clay art works. This class has 2 groups and meets once a week on Wednesdays from 5pm – 6pm or from 6pm – 7pm. The price is $155 per month. All clay tools, supplies and materials are provided.

Air Dry Clay Art Classes for Children

Come and join our clay art classes and learn how to create your own art pieces, which can be both fun and challenging. Children will learn how to create forms on the wheel as well as hand-build pottery. Students will work with clay in its different stages and learn the process of painting their own piece. Vivo Art Studio offers clay classes for most ages and skill levels. We welcome families and friends to come and create with us during our workshops and Open Studio events. 


Clay & Sculpture Tools

During our classes we use a combination of plastic and wooden clay tools. Our students will experience working with a manual pottery wheel only.

Parents: Please note that we use air dry clay. This particular clay doesn’t require a kiln and it dries in approximately 24 – 48 hours depending on the clay thickness.

We use acrylic paints to color our final art creations.

Messy Hands – Happy Hands!

Dear parents, please note that your child will not be bringing a finished art creation back home after every class. Pottery, clay and sculpture art requires a certain time, skill and process for completion. Children will be learning how to work with clay to sculpt different forms such as ornaments, plates, masks, etc.

We want your child to be creative and to experience different types of art media during our lessons. We include pencil sketching in our pottery, clay and sculpture classes.

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Please note that payment is collected same day or upon the student’s arrival at the studio. The initial sign up requires advance payment covering four (4) x 1 hour art lessons. Although payments are non refundable, you can reschedule a missed art lesson provided that you call, text or e-mail us at least 24 hours before your class.

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